Redefining the Future; Mercedes-Benz S500L Launch

Affinité - concept by Jack Cars had held its second event since their opening. Due to the overwhelming responses and great interest received from the inaugural Mercedes-AMG E53 launch last December. The Affinité team has therefore created another breathtaking program in hopes of bringing the elevated experience to the automotive community in Singapore, that the brand promises.

Affinité - concept by Jack Cars is a one-stop invigorating lifestyle concept that entails an experiential journey - starting with the customers’ purchase of the vehicle, to the collection with a personalized experience. Affinité assures an enjoyable car ownership experience with a dedicated after-sales service throughout.

Affinité - concept by Jack Cars had took the opportunity to share and showcase their brand along with the well-received Mercedes-Benz S500L. Featuring their exclusive brand drink, Le Voyage, which was inspired by the purpose and process of building the brand. Affinité wants to bid goodbye to the traditional standards of the automotive industry as it sets off on a path to redefine new benchmarks, yet symbolizing Affinité as a one-stop holistic destination, taking care of you every step of the way.

Historically, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has always been the most well-equipped, most comfortable, most technologically advanced. The very pinnacle of automotive technology.

With the latest facelifted model, it is set to redefine you and the automobile’s future. Inherited to the latest and consistent image across the entire family of the Mercedes cars, the standout physical features such as the flush-mounted retractable door handles, which pops out when you approach the car or when you tap it. It houses better Aerodynamics with less noise in the wind. Most importantly, the all-new Mercedes-Benz S-class features a completely redesigned interior with the new steering wheel, dashboard, aircon duct, lighting, as well as an ignition system.

Right at the center of the dashboard, the all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class includes a 12.8-inch OLED touchscreen central display comes with augmented reality, fingerprint scanner, haptic feedback, and integrated climate controls. A 12.3-inch 3D driver display is also placed behind the steering wheel to provide a 3D representation of all driving situations, along with warning signals to keep all road users safe. To completely elevate your experience, tune in to your favourite music and enjoy your drive with the high-quality Burmester sound system.

Put together with an extensive selection of quality materials and fine surfaces, every corner of the S500L is luxuriously crafted and well-thought-out. This S500L is also packed with a wealth of the most advanced technology and infotainment system, engineered with a user-friendly architecture.

The Mercedes-Benz S500L has been made available in the Affinité - concept by Jack Cars since April. Experience it yourself to see if it’s worth the hype! If you’re interested in the other premium luxury performance cars, check out Mercedes-AMG for a more power and sportier car.


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