Mong X Affinité Beauty Workshop

As Affinité - concept by Jack Cars has branded ourselves to be a lifestyle automotive brand. We have collaborated with our brand Ambassador, Mongabong, to bring to live our first-ever lifestyle beauty workshop.

Affinité seeks to redefine and transform the industry by providing an experience specially tailored to each individual based on your profiles and interests. This brings out the best side of the automotive industry.

In a similar fashion, people wear makeup to feel like a better version of themselves, to elevate their confidence, and to boost their self-esteem through their looks. In Beauty and Make-Up, products and skills may be universal. However, the end-product is highly dependable on your individual’s features, skin type, styles, or even the occasion that you’re attending to craft out the makeup best suits yourself, allowing you to look your best at all times. This made Beauty your personalized experience.


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