The Ingaugral Mercedes-AMG E53 Launch

Affinité - concept by Jack Cars is the brainchild of Jack Cars, a renowned and home-grown local brand established in 1984 here to make a difference in the Parallel Importer industry. Affinité aims to redefine the Premium luxury car industry by offering exclusive models. Affinité prides itself on delivering quality service and experience. With our long-standing history in the industry, we have garnered our customers’ trust by doing what we do best. Being transparent, accountable, and always here for you even in the good times, and bad.

In the spirit of our motto at Affinité being “Driving the Future With Us”. We present to you exclusively the first-ever Mercedes-AMG E53 in Singapore. Boasting the latest facelift of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class model. With its athletic exterior coupled with its comfortable interior making it the perfect choice for a modern luxury sedan.

As a member of the AMG series, you expect it to be packed with power and performance. The new Mercedes-AMG E53 provides a whole new E-Class driving experience that is fast, sleek, and simply astounding. The revitalized facelift gives off a more contemporary silhouette with sharp curves and striking body lines, yet exudes an elegant and classy mood for formal nights.

Another notable change is the newly designed sleeker tail lights. Featuring a more sporting look with a restyled aerodynamic diffuser and twin black chrome exhausts. As one of the best representatives for a modern luxury sedan, The Mercedes-AMG E53 no doubt brings you from a business executive by day to a sports enthusiast by night.

The Mercedes-AMG E-Class has been made available in the Affinité - concept by Jack Cars. Experience it yourself at the Affinité Arcade! Affinité - concept by Jack Cars carries the Mercedes-AMG E53 coupé and Mercedes-AMG E63s.


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